Lucky Charms

It's Magically Delicious

Lucky Charms is a potent hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing The White with Appalachia. The effects of this strain are euphoric and may encourage creativity alongside feelings of happiness. Lucky Charms tastes like bright, tangy fruit. Growers say this strain is coated in sugary resin. Lucky Charms is best grown indoors and has a flowering time of 9 weeks.

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This weed has a very fruity scent similar to fruity pebbles but more citrusy. The high is an amazing indica high that is just super nice.. very very powdery fluffy lighty dry weed, so because of its lack of density im giving it a 4/5 this weed creates the most munchy feeling of any weed I swear I ate a mixing bowl full of lucky charms while high on lucky charms amazing… :

– Leafly User Review

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