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Pineapple Jager

An Illinois Valley Original Strain

In collaboration with our friends at East Fork Cultivar, Pineapple Jager is an exceptional CBD-dominant strain, bred right here in the Illinois Valley. 

Pineapple Jager borrows distinct characteristics, including color and nose, from the parent genetics.  Pungent black licorice is delightfully balanced with notes of sweetgrass and earth. 

Notably different than it’s parent genetics, the effects of Pineapple Jager are pleasantly sedative: Not too much, but just enough to take the edge off. 

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See What People Say About Pineapple Jager

Don’t take our word for it – read the customer reviews on leafly to learn more! 

The most amazing strain. It can fix almost anything for me, from pain to anxiety to generally not feeling well, all without feeling too stoned. Leaves me feeling better and ready to face the day.”   
– Leafly User Review

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