Sungrown Cannabis

Traditionally Cultivated in Beautiful Southern Oregon
Our Flowers

Cannabis for a Life Well-Lived

Settling in the Illinois Valley in 1964, our family began a quest to realize the dream of legal cannabis. Two generations strong and working harder than ever, we are honored and grateful to see our flower available in top dispensaries.

When we aren’t in the garden, you’ll find us helping our rural community. We are wildland firefighters and engaged citizens, working toward positive change. Our passion is educating friends and neighbors about the many benefits of medicinal and recreational use.  Whether you’re a weed connoisseur, total newcomer, aging cowboy or God-fearing Oregonian, we have a flower variety for you.

Millerville isn’t just a place. It’s a way of life.  It represents teamwork. A tradition of farming. The spirit of revolution.  We believe cannabis will unite people and bring peace. Millerville Farms is the place where we make that dream a reality.

Our Strains

The variety that set Millerville in motion began in 2007 as a cross-pollination project. With it’s uncanny earthy licorice flavor, Jager was born. Check out this and our other Oregon Cannabis Strains.


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